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INTO THE WHITE is a war movie directed by Petter Næss. Starring Florian Lukas, Stig Henrik Hoff, David Kross, Lachlan Nieboer & Rupert Grint.
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Smoke gets in your eyes

Day 13 - #MovieComrade

Day 13. Already Day 13 and the heat is on to use this wonderful location called Grotli for what it’s worth. Today we started with a cliff hanger from yesterday. Literarily. And while Florian Lukas, David Kross & Stig Henrik Hoff struggled with their cliffs, the rest of the team struggled with theirs. No matter if you are in the Camera Department carrying an Arri Alexa with an Angenieux Optimo 24-290 T2.8 or a Runner carrying coffee the snow covered, mountainous terrain makes life kind of awkward. Walking around all day with a heavy smoke bazooka I have never before been so thankful for snow shoes, even if I am a little disappointed that they don’t look like the tennis rackets you usually see in the cartoons.

After lunch there was a flurry of activity with our two camera teams getting one mountain top, a camera and some actors each. Costume, Make Up and Props etc. just had to do their best to keep up while slate after slate was checked of the schedule by both camera teams. Skiing, walking, talking and pissing. After today we’ve got it all on tape. Or rather, memory cards. 

Two of our Outstanding Extras. Experts at ominously sweeping through landscapes.

Last week I asked you all for some questions for director Petter Næss and I got plenty. Yesterday we sat down for a chat and below you will find his replies to some of them. I have though, saved some for tomorrow.

Director Petter Næss contemplating the answer to one of your questions.


Q: Mr. Næss said that “There are many talented young actors, but Rupert Grint is very right for the role. I can say just that he’ll play a young, rebellious and redheaded rebel.” What specifically about Rupert’s acting abilities drew him to hire Rupert for the role?

A: Rupert Grint is alway very focused and his intense performances always feel very real and authentic. On top of that his looks make him perfect for the role, and also helps to create a visual variation in this ensemble film.

Q: Did Mr. Næss or the casting director approach Rupert for the role, or did Rupert read the script and seek out the role?

A: I have an agent in USA, and when I told him of COMRADE and that I was looking for an actor for the part of Smith, he suggested Rupert. I thought this was a brilliant idea that I should have come up with my self and decided to make contact.

Q: After seeing Rupert portray Robert Smith in Comrade, does Mr. Næss think that audiences will see Rupert in a “different light?” And if so, why and how?

A: In Comrade Rupert Grint plays a man that is streetwise, unafraid, straightforward and with a powerful temper. Robert is also a man that speaks his mind all the time, often to provoke the others. So yes, I think this performance will put Rupert in a different light.

Q: What is the state of the Norwegian film industry? 

A: First of all, the Norwegian film industry is quite small and as with films from all countries, some of them are ground breaking, some are old school and some should never have been made. The Norwegian film industry produces more and more genre fare with everything from romantic comedies to thrillers and action films. But it is a problem that even though we want to make all these different kinds of films, they still got approximately the same budget. I think “big” films should be allowed to be just that and have a budget to match. Other films might need less money but still be just as great. However, especially some of the young Norwegian directors are very good at making great films with a small budget, particularly when it comes to the horror genre.

Q: What does Mr. Næss think that Comrade will do for the Norwegian film industry with an international cast featuring well known actors in tow? 

A: Firstly we hope that Comrade will be well received here at home. It is a Norwegian film with an international cast but it is inspired by an event that took place here in Norway during WWII. From a Norwegian perspective I think it is a different WWII story since we don’t focus on Nazi atrocities but on these five men and their meeting. That said, it is an universal story and I hope that our great cast will help the film both in Norway and abroad.  

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